We are pleased to announce that we will be publishing the second Paul Little book, A Healthy Fear of Man, by Aaron Philip Clark.

A Healthy Fear of Man follows last years acclaimed The Science of Paul.

Set in the fictional county of Pharris, North Carolina—Christian, conservative, and facing fiscal bankruptcy. Pharris is a casualty of the economic downturn and the demise of big tobacco. And it’s where Paul Little, an ex-convict, begins a new life on his deceased grandfather’s farm. But his self-imposed exile is short-lived when he meets Beauford “Bo” Fellstone, a former sheriff and his grandfather’s old friend, and Gilly Catlett, a precocious girl with a dark secret.

Paul soon learns there is no justice in Pharris County. Rumors of wrongful convictions, corruption amongst county officials, and racial intolerance that echoes views of the past insure Paul’s life in Pharris will be an uphill battle.

A Healthy Fear of Man examines life in small-town America, where the past is not inconsequential, guilt and innocence are interchangeable, and every man is capable of murder.



March 27, 2012

Back in March Chris Rhatigan announced that submissions were open for Pulp Ink 2, the sequel to last years popular e-anthology.

We are pleased to announce that Snubnose Press will be publishing the anthology, which will be edited by Chris Rhatigan and Nigel Bird.

We are pleased to announce that we will be publishing All the Wild Children Josh Stallings’ memoir. How about memnoir instead.


How noir can one life be?  Drop your cocks, grab your socks and let’s find out.


Welcome to the New Normal (or 28 Things I’ll Never Do Again) is not crime fiction but it does have drugs, guns, sex.  It just isn’t fiction.  It is my life.  A child of activists in Haight/Ashbury during the summer of love.   9mm packing, ghetto high school student.  Father of a punk rock smack addict. Dark tales told in linked thematic essays.  Imagine a world that makes Sedaris’ look like a hallmark card.

We are pleased to announce that we will be publishing Court Merrigan’s short story collection, Moondog Over The Mekong.

-an American man and a Lao woman on the run in Thailand.

-the sudden death of a retiring crank cooker propels his best friend into an ill-gotten fortune.

-a story about a human trafficker collecting on an old debt in the slums of Bangkok.

And many more

We are pleased to announce that we will be publishing a short story collection, The First Cut by John Kenyon.

James gets a job delivering organs for transplant, but needs to make a little detour first. Lenny’s appreciation for the comedy of Steve Martin gets him out of a tight jam. Tommy has some secrets buried in the back yard, and they don’t seem to want to stay there. Rick’s reunion with an old college roommate ends in gunplay.

We are pleased to announce that we will be publishing The Subtle Arts of Brutality by Ryan Sayles.

Dirty Harry as a PI for the new millennium? Sounds about right to me.

The girl has gone missing. Again. But this time people are trying to kill her. Trying to burn down everything she has touched or left behind. The girl’s surrogate father feels responsible and to assuage his guilt he hires Richard Dean Buckner, former Saint Ansgar homicide detective turned private eye to ferret her out.

The opening chapter of The Subtle Arts of Brutality appeared at Beat to a Pulp as “Contact Shots Are Bad Like That”.