WE are pleased to announce that we will be publishing Blood on Blood by Frank Zafiro & Jim Wilsky

Think Hardy Boys meets Cain and Abel.

Estranged half brothers Jerzy and Mick Sawyer are summoned to the prison where their father is dying. On his deathbed, he tells his sons about a diamond heist that he was part of and how some of those diamonds are still out there. He sets the two on a path of cooperation and competition to recover the jewels, each playing to his own strengths and against the others weaknesses.

Jerzy is the quintessential career criminal, fresh out of a short bit and looking to get back into the action right away. Mick is the failed cop and tainted hero struggling to get by with a clean life that doesn’t seem to ever pay off. Both men see this score as their ticket out. Throw the sexy, mysterious Ania into the mix and you have all the ingredients of a classic, hard boiled story.


We are pleased to announce that we will be publishing Dope Sick: A Love Story by JA Kazimer (blog|site).

She came to my attention back in October 2010 when her story stood out in the 5th issue of Savage Kick.  I liked her story so much I picked up a copy of her short story collection, The Junkie Tales, which would go on to be nominated for a Spinetingler Award.

Lately she’s been writing these really cool, gritty renditions of fairy tales. Dope Sick: A Love Story is straight up crime fiction though.

Once a famous rock star, Colin Wilde nearly dies on a dirty bathroom floor, a lethal dose of heroin in his veins and the name of his murdered wife, Lisa, on his lips. Two years later, finally clean and on the verge of a major comeback, he meets Zoe, a beautiful strung-out dancer. With her help, Colin maneuvers through the seedy world of sex, drugs, and record deals in search of a killer.