ANNOUNCEMENT: Dope Sick: A Love Story by J.A. Kazimer

April 9, 2012

We are pleased to announce that we will be publishing Dope Sick: A Love Story by JA Kazimer (blog|site).

She came to my attention back in October 2010 when her story stood out in the 5th issue of Savage Kick.  I liked her story so much I picked up a copy of her short story collection, The Junkie Tales, which would go on to be nominated for a Spinetingler Award.

Lately she’s been writing these really cool, gritty renditions of fairy tales. Dope Sick: A Love Story is straight up crime fiction though.

Once a famous rock star, Colin Wilde nearly dies on a dirty bathroom floor, a lethal dose of heroin in his veins and the name of his murdered wife, Lisa, on his lips. Two years later, finally clean and on the verge of a major comeback, he meets Zoe, a beautiful strung-out dancer. With her help, Colin maneuvers through the seedy world of sex, drugs, and record deals in search of a killer.


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