ANNOUNCEMENT: Captain Cooker by Todd Morr

May 15, 2012

We are pleased to announce that we will be publishing Captain Cooker by Todd Morr.

Captain Cookers: formally domesticated feral pigs that take on the physical attributes of wild pigs once no longer in captivity.

Cooke: A prison gladiator, freed after years of incarceration when new DNA evidence proved his innocence, trying to make his way in civilized society.

Life is not making it easy for him. He knows the ghost of his girlfriend, the one he was wrongfully convicted of murdering, is not real, but cannot make her go away. His settlement for wrongful incarceration is dwindling. His notorious past is making him a target of vigilantes who believe he may be involved in the disappearance of some teenage girls, and one of the men who originally put Cooke behind bars has followed him out to California, hoping to put him back in a cage. He takes what appears to be a ‘charity job’ from one of the lawyers who freed him, escorting a young pretty lawyer named Valerie Murphy as she interviews witnesses for a new client. The job takes them out to the desert where Valerie and her son are abducted and the price of their freedom is Cooke murdering an old desert hermit.

The whole thing seems senseless to Cooke, but figuring out things was never his strength, he is pretty talented at inflicting damage, so he goes with his strengths to try to save himself and the lawyer he has grown more than fond of.


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