Just received the very first blurb for Patti Abbott’s debut novel Home Invasion, coming in early 2013.

One of the most intelligent novels I’ve read in a long time. A Gothic tale of light and shadow, of open- and bright-eyed innocence torn asunder by evil people of small and insignificant stature. A long time ago, writer Sharon Sheehe Stark advised writers to write villains as without redemption—to not have them “like kittens” or any of the other commonly-held tenets in creating bad characters. To, instead, “paint the characters as completely black and allow the light escape from the cracks.” This is exactly what Patti Abbott has done in Home Invasion—she has crafted a wondrous tale of innocence lost and evil triumphing… but an evil so thorough that out of it emerge two men and a woman of uncommon and noble heroism. This is good writing. This is literature.

–Les Edgerton, The Bitch, Just Like That, Gumbo Ya-Ya and forthcoming: The Rapist.


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A Healthy Fear of Man by Aaron Phillip Clark
Herniated Roots by Richard Thomas
Bar Scars by Nik Korpon
City of Heretics by Heath Lowrance
Ghost Money by Andrew Nette
Choice Cuts by Joe Clifford
Blood on Blood by Frank Zafiro and Jim Wilsky
F*ckload of Shorts by Jedidiah Ayres
Bouquet of Bullets by Eric Beetner
The First Cut by John Kenyon
Pulp Ink 2
Cold Rifts by Sandra Seamans
The Duplicate by Helen Fitzgerald
Nothing Matters: A Noir Love Story by Steve Finbow
Laughing at Dead Men by Keith Rawson
Old School by Daniel B. O’Shea
Hill Country by R Thomas Brown
Gumbo Ya-Ya: Stories by Les Edgerton
Old Ghosts by Nik Korpon
Dig Two Graves by Eric Beetner
Monkey Justice: Stories by Patti Abbott
The Chaos We Know by Keith Rawson
Harvest of Ruins by Sandra Ruttan

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Back in August we announced our publishing schedule for the rest of 2012. It was an ambitious one that, unfortunately, we weren’t able to fully meet. Three titles from that initial list remain unpublished.

To Die Upon a Kiss by Craig Wallwork
Dope Sick: A Love Story by J.A. Kazimer
All the Wild Children by Josh Stallings

At this time we at Snubnose Press would like to offer our apologies to all that this delay has affected: reviewers expecting the book by a certain date; blurbers expecting a final version to consider; and you most of all, our readers.

This delay is in no way the fault of the authors involved.

As of this writing To Die Upon a Kiss and Dope Sick will be out in January. All the Wild Children will be out by the end of March.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and if anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask.