New blurb for Patti Abbott’s debut novel Home Invasion

December 11, 2012

Just received the very first blurb for Patti Abbott’s debut novel Home Invasion, coming in early 2013.

One of the most intelligent novels I’ve read in a long time. A Gothic tale of light and shadow, of open- and bright-eyed innocence torn asunder by evil people of small and insignificant stature. A long time ago, writer Sharon Sheehe Stark advised writers to write villains as without redemption—to not have them “like kittens” or any of the other commonly-held tenets in creating bad characters. To, instead, “paint the characters as completely black and allow the light escape from the cracks.” This is exactly what Patti Abbott has done in Home Invasion—she has crafted a wondrous tale of innocence lost and evil triumphing… but an evil so thorough that out of it emerge two men and a woman of uncommon and noble heroism. This is good writing. This is literature.

–Les Edgerton, The Bitch, Just Like That, Gumbo Ya-Ya and forthcoming: The Rapist.


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