We are pleased to announce that we will be publishing Pale Horses by Nate Southard

In Folk County, Indiana, a brutal murder tears away the illusions of small town serenity and reveals the secrets of its damaged residents. A respected sheriff fights to solve the crime before a tragic disease devours his mind. A traumatized war vet struggles to quell the violence he carried home from the battlefield. Death rides a Pale Horse, and no one in its path escapes unscathed.

Most days, Sheriff Hal Kendrick can remember his wife’s name, but what frightens him are the days he can’t. When a local woman is found dead, naked and dumped on the banks of the Ohio River, Sheriff Kendrick is determined to solve the crime before Alzheimer’s disease destroys his ability to reason. No matter the cost, he will leave his county better than he found it, but murder is only the beginning, a spark that ignites a firestorm of violence, betrayal, and deceit.

Most mornings, former marine Korey Hunt can remember the previous night. Other times, he only remembers darkness. When a body is found on his family’s property, Korey wants to believe he’s incapable of murder. Deep down, however, killing is all he knows.

Pale Horses examines the gray areas in human behavior, where good and evil blur, and how even the purest intentions can have terrible consequences.

Nate Southard’s books include Lights Out, Scavengers, Red Sky, Just Like Hell, Broken Skin, This Little Light of Mine, and He Stepped Through. His short fiction has appeared in such venues as Cemetery Dance, Black Static, Thuglit, Supernatural Noir as well as in anthologies alongside such authors as Stephen King and Peter Straub. He has received several honorable mentions in Ellen Datlow’s annual Best Horror of the Year, and is a Bram Stoker Award nominee for short fiction.

Welcome to the family Nate!