A Healthy Fear of Man follows last years acclaimed The Science of Paul.

Set in the fictional county of Pharris, North Carolina—Christian, conservative, and facing fiscal bankruptcy. Pharris is a casualty of the economic downturn and the demise of big tobacco. And it’s where Paul Little, an ex-convict, begins a new life on his deceased grandfather’s farm. But his self-imposed exile is short-lived when he meets Beauford “Bo” Fellstone, a former sheriff and his grandfather’s old friend, and Gilly Catlett, a precocious girl with a dark secret.

Paul soon learns there is no justice in Pharris County. Rumors of wrongful convictions, corruption amongst county officials, and racial intolerance that echoes views of the past insure Paul’s life in Pharris will be an uphill battle.

A Healthy Fear of Man examines life in small-town America, where the past is not inconsequential, guilt and innocence are interchangeable, and every man is capable of murder.


“There’s a nether world of bars with crooked doors, gum smacking medical examiners, and people with odd ideas acting on them. They populate byways we’d be best to avoid and instead send Aaron Philip Clark’s ex-con Paul Little along in our place. Because try as he might to avoid the craziness, in Clark’s A Healthy Fear of Man, we’re reminded in clear and efficient prose there are certain people who while they wish to avoid the brink, find themselves on the edge in their pursuit of justice.” — Gary Phillips, WARLORD OF WILLOW RIDGE

“A Healthy Fear of Man left me feeling sad and triumphant, filled with the kind of peace that only going home can bring.” — AJ Hayes

“T.S. Eliot referred to it as tradition and individual talent, the manner in which new work at once honors, builds upon, and questions what has come before. Chester Himes, Richard Wright, James Baldwin–Aaron Philip Clark has been paying attention. ” — James Sallis, author of CYPRESS GROVE and CHESTER HIMES: A LIFE

“Aaron Philip Clark has got style, a strong sense of story and place, and no small amount of ambition.” — The Nerd of Noir

“Clark writes very well, in prose that manages to be elegant yet lean and hardboiled at the same time.” — James Reasoner

“Author Aaron Philip Clark has his own unique writing style that will keep you guessing to the very end.” — Urban Reviews

“Clark is definitely a writer to keep a close eye on. His writing is extremely close to the bone, and shows that although we have come far in some respects, plenty of outdated views will always be around.” — Bruce Grossman


Aaron Philip Clark is a published crime fiction author and educator. THE SCIENCE OF PAUL, his debut novel, was published January 2011 by New Pulp Press. A HEALTHY FEAR OF MAN is the second installment in the three-book Paul Little series.

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