City of Heretics is a crime novel about an aging con named Crowe, just out of prison and back in Memphis, ready for some payback against the criminals who got him sent up.

Before Crowe can enjoy his revenge he has to track down a brutal murderer cutting a swath through the city—ultimately leading Crowe to confront a bizarre secret society of serial killers masquerading as a Christian splinter-group.


“City of Heretics will grab you by the collar and shake the hell out of you. Heath Lowrance presents us with a gripping story that strikes hard and often. Follow Crowe as he heads back into the dangerous and vicious world that he knows so well. A deadly cast of underworld characters provides a killer gauntlet of cutting action, payback, mounting suspense and an ending you’ll never forget. This is an absolute classic that you won’t put down. Spectacular reading.” — Jim Wilsky, co-author of Blood on Blood

“In his second novel CITY OF HERETICS, Heath Lowrance spins as fine a hardboiled crime yarn as I’ve read in a long time. With a complex plot and compelling characters, it’s as gritty as the sleet that falls on the streets of Memphis in the winter, and just as slick and dangerous. Lowrance’s debut novel THE BASTARD HAND is already a cult classic, and CITY OF HERETICS is even better. – James Reasoner, author of DUST DEVILS.”


Heath Lowrance is the author of the cult novel THE BASTARD HAND, as well as a short story collection called DIG TEN GRAVES. His other stories have appeared at Crime Factory, Shotgun Honey, Chi-Zine, Pulp Metal, The Nautilus Engine, and others. He has been a movie theater manager, a tour guide at Sun Studio, a singer in a punk band, and a regular donor of blood for money. He lives in Lansing, Michigan.

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