Gabriel Hill stumbles home to find a mutilated corpse on his porch. A man who had beat him earlier. After puking, he finds a makeshift animal sacrifice behind his house. The next day, his life got complicated.

His home is broken into. He’s beaten by a stranger. Seduced by another. Threatened unless he can find the valuables his dead brother supposedly sent to him.

Ignoring advice to run, Gabe searches for answers. He finds a brother unlike the drug addicted young man he forgot. He finds new threats, new enemies, more dead bodies, a courage he didn’t think existed, a love that he didn’t expect and a truth that he feared.

“R. Thomas Brown’s HILL COUNTRY is a demonic Tilt-A-Whirl of murder, mayhem, and betrayal that straddles the line between crime and horror. Lean, fast-paced, and unflinching, HILL COUNTRY will crawl under your skin and stick with you long after you’ve turned the final page.” – Chris F. Holm

“In Hill Country, R. Thomas Brown has written an edgy tale full of passion and human fallibility. The story bounds along at a breakneck pace, unrelenting and painfully real. Its cast of characters run the gamut, from broken to brutal, from raw as an open wound to cold and dark as a winter midnight. When you start this tale, plan on not putting it down till you’re done, and while you’re reading, don’t forget to breathe.” – Bill Cameron, author of County Line

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