It’s amazing what a murdered friend can do to a directionless man, the passion and anger it can stoke, the sadness it fires into a body, the need for good old revenge it nurtures. Searching for his best friend’s killer, Derby, a blue-collar gangster in a white-collar world, uncovers the beginning of a complicated mob war that threatens to bring down the whole city.

To find the answers he needs, Derby tries to stay focused: Find the killer. Clear his friend’s name. Stop a war. Don’t fall in love.

He traverses Toledo, a city that grows old with him, unearths secrets his boss doesn’t want exposed, and hopes to find that man he used to be before his mid-life crisis becomes the last crisis he ever experiences.


“The streets of Toledo run red in Karma Backlash, Chad Rohrbacher’s story of brutal crime, vengeance, white hot passion and sad betrayals. Derby deals with two crime bosses, a gorgeous girl and an army of muscle in an expertly crafted tale that has it all. An unhealthy dose of swift, deadly action with twists and turns you don’t see coming. This is how crime and suspense is supposed to be written. Hats off to Mr. Rohrbacher.” — Jim Wilsky, co-author of Blood on Blood


Chad Rohrbacher a co-editor of Shotgun Honey. His stories have been published at Crime Factory, Needle Magazine, Big Pulp, Beat to a Pulp, and others. He has contributed to anthologies such as CHIVALRY IS DEAD from May/December Publications, OFF THE RECORD from Guilty Conscience, HEROES & HERETICS from Pulp Empire, and LOST CHILDREN a charity anthology. He resides in North Carolina with his family and a multitude of animals.

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