Monkey Justice is the long awaited debut collection of short fiction by Patti Abbott.




“Patricia Abbott proves that there are many shades of noir as she expertly layers her stories with melancholy, loss and the frailness of the human psyche” – Dave Zeltserman

“Patti Abbott is a master when it comes to short stories.” — Anne Frasier

“In this collection of short contemporary noir fiction, Patti Abbott distinguishes herself as an extraordinary storyteller of the dark recesses of the human heart. Abbott’s characters hit hard, fight dirty, and seek a brand of hardscrabble justice that will leave you both wincing and wishing for more.” – Sophie Littlefield


“My first introduction to Patti Abbott’s writing was during my stint as Editor at Large for Beat to a Pulp. Publisher/editor David Cranmer told me Patti’s work would be launching the zine. It was kind of a literary family story he intimated, and I cringed that it wasn’t going to be hard-hitting enough. Then I read it. “The Instrument of Their Desire” sent my blood racing from the first paragraph and brought tears to my eyes when it ended. Not only was it the perfect story to launch the site, it set the bar very, very high for the quality of stories to follow. After that, I worked with Patti on various short stories as well as one of her novels. Sensitive to the human mind and character, Patti doesn’t flinch when it comes to crime and the dark side. She is a gifted writer, and a collection of her short stories is a brilliant idea. The publisher that snags Patti is a lucky word-jockey. Buyers of the collection are even luckier.” — Elaine Ash, Editor

“There are few writers who have been more instrumental in my development as a short story writer as Patti Abbott. Her dark, explosive, and yet intensely humane stories leave me breathless and Monkey Justice is nothing less than brilliant” — Keith Rawson, some schmuck on the internet

“Patti Abbott is one of the premier practitioners of the American crime story. The staggering level of care she invests in her craft is always evident from the first sentence to the last line. She writes smart, dark tales with frighteningly real characters and vivid settings. If you enjoy seeing a master at work, buy this collection.” – Chris Rhatigan, co-editor of Pulp Ink and blogger at Death by Killing

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