Receive a free copy of BELOW THE LIGHT, an alternate version of HARVEST OF RUINS that’s unpublished.  Included is an article by Sandra Ruttan, about how and why the story was reshaped.  This is not simply a case of a different ending, or a few minor tweaks to the text; whole sections were cut and new subplots were introduced.


If you’ve ever been curious about the different directions a story could take, and how an author can revisit a work and see a different angle to the story, this is a unique opportunity to compare two different works that have the same foundation, but significant differences in execution.


Simply send proof of purchase of HARVEST OF RUINS to snubnosepress at gmail dot com – feel free to blank out your address and phone number – before September 1, 2011 and you’ll receive the e-file of BELOW THE LIGHT, which will be sent out starting in early August.


For more information about HARVEST OF RUINS, or to read an excerpt, please visit the author’s website.

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