With the recent rise of e-publishing, and the relative simplicity of the process, more and more authors are looking beyond traditional publishers when submitting their works.

Snubnose staff will actively work to promote your book to potential readers. Snubnose Press offers authors higher royalties, at more than double the current industry standard. Experienced editors work with authors to produce a professional, compelling story. We have an art director who designs a distinct product for each title published. We handle final formatting, uploading, distribution and the technical aspects of e-publishing.

Our relationship with Spinetingler Magazine provides our authors with a built-in promotional platform from the outset, and our authors will be eligible for New York Times bestseller lists and award consideration.

Submission Guidelines

1. Send an email to with Query: (insert project title here) in the subject line.

2. Send a query letter in the body of the email. Do not exceed 750 words.

3. At the bottom of your query letter, include a list of publication credits, if applicable. (Not included in the query letter word count limit.)

4. Include a list of agents and/or publishers the work has been submitted to if it is still under consideration. (Not included in the query letter word count limit.)

5. Do not send unrequested manuscripts. The ideal Snubnose manuscript length is 20,000-60,000 words, so please include the word count. Longer works are considered.

6. Snubnose publishes stories that could, within the broadest definitions of genre possible, be categorized as crime and horror. We prefer dark fiction so if you don’t write dark, horror or crime, don’t waste our time.

7. Allow ninety days for a response to your query before following up.

8. Notify us immediately if you have accepted an offer from another publisher so the work is removed from our slush pile.

By submitting a query to Snubnose Press, you acknowledge that if you act unprofessional, you may end up on our shitlist** and understand that we regularly talk and interact with other editors, zines and presses.

** Yes, we have one.

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