We are pleased to announce that we will be publishing How Kirsty Gets Her Kicks by Jenny Thomson, a 35k word novella.

How Kirsty Gets Her Kicks is a tale of skulduggery set on the mean streets of Glasgow. One-legged barmaid Kirsty is in a shit-load of trouble after she kills one of gangster Jimmy McPhee’s goons with a stiletto heel to the head and goes on the run with a safe load of stolen cash, a hot gun and choirboy barman Jamie.

How Kirsty Gets Her Kicks has been described as “gonzo, over-the-top, wild-and-crazy sort of pulp fiction” and that it was too short).


We are pleased to announce that we will be publishing our first Western later on this year. Welcome to the family Ed!

A Wind of Knives is a 20,000 word novella about a quiet rancher in Civil War era Texas, Daniel Hays, who emerges from an alcohol-soaked haze to find his sole ranch hand (and lover) has been lynched—hanged by party or parties unknown. Left with virtually nothing but his failing ranch, Daniel takes it upon himself to seek out those responsible for his lover’s death, experiencing puzzling new relationships along the way, including repeat encounters with a ghostly coyote that leads him to the final stop on his odyssey for revenge.